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Sleep well

Have a refreshing sleep

Skagen Beds offer quality beds with many options to meet your individual needs.
We spend a third of our life in bed – therefore a good bed is essential for good sleep. Good sleep is needed for a life with vitality and energy.
We are all different, so you should find a bed that is suited for you and your body. In order to get a good night’s sleep, it is important that your back is supported as straight as possible. This restores your body, your muscles will relax, and you will wake, rested and ready for a new day.

Mattress guide

Typically chosen hardnesses on mattresses

Body type

Type A

Hips wider than waist

Hardness H3-H5

Type Y

Shoulders wider than waist

Hardness H1-H3

Type O

Waist wider than shoulders and hips

Hardness H3-H5

Type X

Shoulders and hips wider than waist

Hardness H1-H3

Type I

Shoulders, waist and hips are almost the same width

Hardness H2-H3

Under the cover

Read more about all the setup options